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Thanks again to those that came out to the Launch Party. We were pretty impressed with the turnout. It’s great to have so many good friends. We heard a lot of good response to our Signature Cocktail, The SLANT. Even the test tube shots of The SLANT were pretty darn good. Don’t forget if you missed our party you can still get one at Extra Virgin for the month of April.

So for those of you who played our ‘guess the SLANT recipe’ contest we have a winner with a perfect guess. Jennifer Cawley of Crossroads takes home the Sporting Jersey. Congratulations Jennifer! BTW, second place went to Bart Ashford and Pete Meyer who guessed everything correctly until they hypothesized ‘Tonic’ instead of Soda water. Nice taste buds nonetheless.

The correct ingredients were as follows:

  • Shpilka vodka
  • Campari
  • Calamansi juice
  • Club Soda
  • Ice

Those interested in making this refreshing drink at home, click the button below to download and print a recipe card to put in your favorite cocktails lab book.

Launch Party Pic


Download the SLANT recipe card



The SLANT Signature Cocktail

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Turns out the Calamansi is a great mixer. The fruit that looks like a lime on the outside and an orange on the inside has a great taste that is somewhere between a lime and a grapefruit. We worked with Extra Virgin (we’re big on collaboration) to come up with our Signature cocktail called The SLANT. Needless to say it has a great taste and we will be serving it at the launch party April 4th.

If you miss our party, you can still get the SLANT at Extra Virgin. It will be on their specialty drink menu for the month of April or until they run out of the rare Calamansi juice.

There’s nothing ordinary about this little fruit

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Here at the lab, we discovered this peculiar little fruit that we felt an instant connection with. It’s called a Calamansi. At first glance, it is virtually indistinguishable from a lime, but when you cut it open it looks like an orange. Frighteningly similar to SLANT’s approach to Design Thinking. That is to say, being open-minded and looking beyond assumptions to discover new ideas and unique solutions.